Think of it this way

Think of it this way:
When you short a “real/physical” company, the worst that could happen to you is that they come out with some earnings beat or a revolutionary product out of nowhere and the stock doubles on you before you get a chance to cover. Anyone who’s tried to short VIX products probably already knows where I’m going with this when I say that there is no “ceiling” to logic when you’re shorting something that has no fundamentals.
Let’s say you’re a major player – perhaps managing a large fund. There is no way to calculate risk on something like Bitcoin, which is exactly why you don’t see these guys shorting VXX, for example. You could literally allocate 5% of your portfolio to something like a BTC short, and it’s TECHNICALLY possible you could blow up your whole damn fund overnight. Sure anything is possible with any investment, but I’d argue that you simply can’t go bust in a week shorting something like Apple, for example.
My point is, a lot of old farts who’ve spent their entire lives accumulating wealth with sound investments might soon be rekd faster than a newbie on Binance, all the while saying that it "should" go down and "this is nonsense" right up until a margin call. Sit back, HODL, and enjoy the show.
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